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HanziCentral with
animations on how to
draw characters
Pinyinchart with
sounds for all pinyin
Hanzi of the day
Hanzi of the day
Public lists of hanzi
Public sets of hanzi
Search hanzi from pinyin, english or part of character
Available as Windows & Google widget - practice right from your desktop
Available as widget
Structure of hanzi and sound recordings
Flashcards application
with lots of options
Choose level
Choose level
Practice on common pinyin mixups
Practice on mixups
Hide / Show definition
Show / Hide definition
Test & Learn mode
Choose test or learn mode
Track all your hanzi knowledge and show on one page
Myhanzi - all your hanzi knowledge in one place
Create your personal lists
Your personal lists
Build your lists with intuitive list editor
Your personal lists
Cut and paste or write hanzi to your lists
Your personal lists
And more!
A mixture of spaced repetition and manual control
Three modes of repetiotion
Your hanzi of the day, individualized for you
Hanzi of the day
See your mixups and work them away
See your mixups and work them away
Show your errors
See your mixups and work them away


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